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Excuse my poor English.

My name is Luis Quiroz Ravines. I am 68 years old Peruvian journalist, trying to help children and elderly poor of my town, the rural community, San Juan of Yanac located between high mountains, clean air and blue sky in Cajamarca, Peru.

In San Juan de Yanác, a calm and beautiful town, my mother, Rosario Ravines was born and lived. She along her 90 years of life practiced "The Miracle of Sharing" helping children and poor old men without looking for recompense some. She told me: son, ..doesn't give the one that has, but the one that wants..

San Juan is a rural community, located in the Department of Cajamarca, 800 kms. to the north of Lima, capital city of Peru. It is located 2200 m. on the sea level. Its climate is healthy, its fresh air and its splendid sun. People are kind but poor.
To 40 minutes from San Juan is Cajamarca city, famous for its beauty and rich historical past. There, still they are "the bathrooms of the Inca" San Juan of Yanac is famous for its cheeses wrapped in "tuyos"and for its avocados and cherimoyas.
Do you know that my people are polluted
with mercury..?
In June 2000, there was a spill of mercury in the highway that crosses the town of San Juan de Yanac; as consequence of that accident, probably, most of residents, especially children, are polluted with mercury and their health to future is uncertain. The proprietor of the spilled mercury was Mining Yanacocha, a subsidiary of Newmont, one of the main producers of gold of the world.
Help Us
The funds obtained through the sale of my healthy products and my homemade lotion to which I call: The Best Hair Loss Treatment, is destined to help children and the elderly poor of my people of San Juan Yanac.

Currently I am writing about natural health, because I was cured myself of an incurable disease.To help my people I created several natural health products and the first is a home made lotion, easy and cheap to stop hair loss prevent baldness, reduce dandruff, seborrhea and thinning hair. hair in only 17 days with less than 4 dollars a month. You may know it by visiting:
The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor
Inspired by my parents, I have created “The World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor” to promote “The Miracle of Sharing”. I invite you, join and spread it. Please visit my website:
¡¡..Join the Movement..!!
Spread the Movement and BE happy

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Luis Quiroz Ravines. is a Peruvian journalist, founder of the "World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor". He currently writes about natural health and promotes “The Miracle of Sharing”
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